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Online learning should be Quick, Interactive and Simple.

Learn skills and techniques faster than anyone else, in a more fun and exciting setting than anywhere else. Get fully trained by knowledgeable trainers.





01 | High Performance Coaching

Know when to coach, who to coach and how to coach anyone anywhere. You will learn 4 key skills of coaching and apply them in 4 simple steps to help your team in as short as 5 minutes. That’s all it takes, and that’s all you need.

Get the best outcome for both parties in every deal and avoid getting manipulated. Play the negotiation game like a master by learning the 8 key behaviours of ‘Master Negotiators’, 4 key Harvard negotiation concepts and 10 key techniques to navigate through price, process and people issues in any negotiation

03 | Handling Difficult Customers

Get your ‘customers from hell’ to love you by getting on their side. Know what to say to whom, how to say ‘NO’ nicely, how to stay calm when under fire, how to calm them down in a meltdown, maintain composure, credibility and regain lost trust. 

Live life on your own terms. Stop feeling overwhelmed, down or out of control. Learn how to take charge of your thoughts, emotions and behaviours. Transform stress, anxiety and worry, into opportunity, optimism and joy. Learn 6 confidence building techniques, 12 mind calming techniques, nutrition and exercises to reverse the effects of chronic stress and techniques to manage relationship stress.

05 | Create Innovate Propagate

Be different, be original and be in demand. Learn to solve problems with 2 powerful and time tested techniques used by industry leaders. Learn 10 creative thinking techniques used by companies like Lego, Google and Apple to boost your business. Make the best decisions to move forward with 3 decision making techniques used by fortune 500 companies.

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