Suresh Dhawan


1 Day and 2 Day Program
Leadership Skills Program
Program Objectives​
To see themselves as true leaders and role models and know how to adopt the right leader mindset, attitude and leadership style in building teams.
To define their roles as team leaders and create respect amongst subordinates and peers by walking the talk despite different backgrounds, mindsets and expectations.
To understand their role as leaders at different points of the team development phase in order to consistently move towards building a performing team.
To be able to communicate and lead different generations of personnel with confidence and professionalism.
To use emotional intelligence strategies when dealing with various team member issues and concerns.

To apply Harvard Business principles to balance leadership styles in different scenarios and with different personnel.

To use effective coaching methods to foster two-way communication and subordinate engagement when solving problems.
To create the right work climate by using the right interpersonal skills and motivational techniques to get the best out of team members.
To manage the emotional needs of different generations and personality types in order to create a stronger and more united team.
Program Content


SELF-AWARENESS: Position to Permission - Re-examining yourself and learning what it takes to be a leader of leaders


ENGAGING the TEAM : Permission - Re-Aligning leadership styles in various development phases


TEAM NURTURE: Production Pushing for Performance


TEAM EXECUTION: People Development

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