Suresh Dhawan


Speak with Energy, Enthusiasm & Tact

1 Day and 2 Day Program
Communication Skills Training Program
Program Objectives​

Understand the elements of building a successful relationship with different levels of people though communication.

Learn techniques of assertive communication and practice them in various situations. 

Recognise how to give and receive feedback tactfully. 

Recognise personal communication preferences and those of other people and learn to adapt to egos and communication styles.

Develop emotional and intellectual listening skills when communicating face to face or on the telephone. 

Understand cultural preferences and how to adapt to them.

Develop emotional intelligence to deal with emotional situations with others.

Identify ways to communicate the right intent by using the right words, tone and behaviour to get the correct message across.

Use the appropriate approach when communicating with different types of people and superiors.

Deal with anger and conflict in a constructive manner.
Apply rules of engagements and learn to diffuse conflict.
Program Content


Wind, Currents and Temperature: Fundamentals of Communication


Principles of Communication


Weather Management - Preparing the Umbrella: Submissive, Aggressive & Assertive Communication


Building Resistance towards Bad Weather: Build Relationship

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