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Corporate Soft Skills Training

At LEADS, we only work with the best panel of prolific trainers who provide a unique blend of learning, fun, and life-changing experiences that keep our clients coming back for more. As a result, we are confident in asserting that our soft skills training in Malaysia will be a profound and unforgettable life experience. Our corporate soft skills training focuses on the development of skills like communication, teamwork, and problem-solving. We at LEADS believe that developing soft skills in the workplace should be valued more. Therefore, we provide high-impact, certified leadership development corporate soft skills training in Malaysia that equips managers at all levels with the knowledge and skills needed to improve the performance and productivity of those they lead.

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Stress Management Program

stress management courses malaysia

S.W.E.E.T. Talk

Communication Skills

stress management courses malaysia

Service with A Purpose

Customer Service

stress management courses malaysia

People Potential Power


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Please Have It My Way

Negotiation Skills 

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Get Out of Your Own Way

Personal Mastery

corporate soft skills training

Coaching Bootcamp


corporate soft skills training

Teaming 2 Excel


corporate soft skills training

Powerful Presenters

Presentation Skills

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