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Some of Our Virtual Training
Programs conducted in 2021

WIN WIN Negotiations

Get the best outcome for both parties in every deal and avoid getting manipulated. Play the negotiation game like a master by learning the 8 key behaviours of ‘Master Negotiators’, 4 key Harvard negotiation concepts and 10 key techniques to navigate through price, process and people issues in any negotiation


Live life on your own terms. Stop feeling overwhelmed, down or out of control. Learn how to take charge of your thoughts, emotions and behaviours. Transform stress, anxiety and worry, into opportunity, optimism and joy. Learn 6 confidence building techniques, 12 mind calming techniques, nutrition and exercises to reverse the effects of chronic stress and techniques to manage relationship stress.

S.W.E.E.T. Talk                      Mindset Change

Creative Thinking               Power Presenters

G.E.A.R.                                Virtual Team Hunt

Strategic Thinking             Stress Management

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