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7 Hour Effective Negotiation Skills Online Program

Negotiating a deal can only take place when there are two parties. If you wait too long, the other party may already have negotiated a deal with someone else. – Robert Irwin.
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You don’t need this program if you know the answer to the following 10 Questions:

What would you do if....

  1. The negotiation gets stuck on 1 particular issue such as price.
  2. You are desperate for the deal but they are not.
  3. The other party brings up past negative experiences with you and expects extra services.
  4. The other party does not trust or believe that you can make a decision and challenges your authority or insists to speak to  your boss.
  5. You are deep in the later stages of the negotiation and something changes in that affects the negotiation deliverables (eg. change in government, MCO, change in raw material prices, supplier disappears etc.)
  6. The other side gives you a ridiculous quote, with difficult to meet terms and conditions.
  7. Something changes after the deal has been signed.
  8. The others side asks for a special discount, verbally says “let’s think long term” with no real intention to sign.
  9. The other side says “Take it or leave it”
  10. The other side says that they have a much better quote and deal from your competitor, and want you to do better.
Online Training & Training Notes
Offering and Countering Exercises
Harvard Negotiation Sheets
Negotiation Role Play


In a nutshell, this 7 -Hour Online Program will cover the following content:


Mindset and Behaviours of Master Negotiators

Learn how to think and behave during negotiations by understanding ‘Master Negotiator’ best practices.


4 Key Negotiations Concepts

Using the well documented 4 key concepts of business negotiations taught in Harvard Business School.


Managing Price, Process and People Issues

Learn the do’s and don’ts when negotiating with multiple issues in a complex deal.

Master techniques to avoid getting stuck, being pressured, looking desperate, being bullied, with regards to price, process and people.


10 Techniques to apply in any Negotiation

Learn 10 different techniques to navigate and maneuver yourself during the negotiation like a professional.

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