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It was wonderful to have you train us at Siemens Philippines. Thanks a lot for the informative and powerful words. Cheers. – Siemens Healthcare, Philippines, Stella Maris.

“You have definitely met our expectations. Thank you for the great job. I feel very good about what has transpired over the 3–days here, and am pleased that you were able to engage us continuously. It was time well spent. You are indeed passionate about what you do. Thank you. – Hitachi Sunway Information Systems, Group CEO & Sunway Group Berhad Chief Information Officer (CIO), Cheah Kok Hoong.

Your session was very refreshing. We heard good feedback from other units before attending your session. Even then, it was honestly beyond all our expectations. You gave us a lot of good pointers on what we should and should not do when coaching our subordinates. You also showed us how to coach effectively. You kept us glued with your high energy presentation style and role-play activities. We should do this more often in order to ensure our career counsellors use and improve themselves and to ensure continuity. We will definitely keep building on this partnership with you. – Accenture Singapore, Senior Manager, Deepak. S. Iyer

I must say, you hit the nail right smack in there. I think this was a very well customized program. The session really simulated what is going on in TKDC right now. You have really changed the meaning of G-Day for us. It was a very meaningful session, good and practical lessons to take back. You helped our various training divisions understand each other better. You were able to convey a clear message through fun an exciting activities. You were able to surprise all our trainers as well. Excellent work Suresh. – Toyota Knowledge Development Centre, GM, Head of TKDC. 

I really enjoyed the session Suresh. It was very useful, and you brought up underlying principles well. – CSC, MSS-GESM, Regional Director, Ryan Harrington.

Very well done Suresh. It has been a long time since I had so much fun in a training session. Good job. – Royale Bintang Hotels, Managing Director, Datuk Mokhtar.
It was a very good session Suresh, we achieved what we wanted. Good job. It was great to see all my sub-units open up and put things out there. This is a great start for the year. See you again. – Oracle Corporation Malaysia, General Manager (GM) of Sales, Loucas Lou

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