Suresh Dhawan

Let's Talk Series

2-4 Hours Talk Topics to Match Your Needs
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This talk will give participants key areas to focus on in their service universe. Participants will learn the way customers think and how their expectations grow with time. They will understand how to create the right service habits and enjoy dealing with customers on a day-to-day basis.



Take Five! Is designed as to help participants cope with various stressors such as work pressures, deadlines and relationships with people. It provides well-tested practical and enjoyable stress management  techniques and methodologies, as well as the attitudinal
and interpersonal aspects of managing basis.
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This talk will focus on importance of employee engagement. The topics will include motivations for top performers and leadership behaviours that will transform team’s engagement

soft skills training malaysia


This talk is designed to help participants develop communication and relationship building skills in the business context. Participants will go through principles of creating trust, attracting people, understanding intention and behaviour, managing personalities and emotions, choosing the right behaviour and communication style when dealing with people in order to forge closer relationships
soft skills training malaysia


This talk will give participants key areas to focus on to build a customer centric culture in the VUCA world. Participants will learn how customer centric organizations operate and how to meet growing customer expectations in current times. They will understand the 5 key drivers to customer decision-making, 6 pillars of the customer’s experience and 4 attributes of outstanding businesses that align internal and external experiences to manage customers of the digital world.

soft skills training malaysia


Please Have It My Way is designed to develop participants with the right beliefs, attitudes and characteristics to master and get the best out of a negotiation process. Participants will learn how to negotiate with a variety of characters, prepare for a negotiation, begin the negotiation, handle disagreements and maneuver them to their favour, techniques to develop power before and during a negotiation, prevent being stepped on during negotiations, seal the deal for the benefit of both parties, and develop relationships for easier negotiations in future

soft skills training malaysia


This talk will give participants an idea of how to have a healthy life. Participants will learn techniques that has been adapted for the Blue Zones. This talk will cover 4 main areas which are sense of belonging and family love, how to eat well and what to eat, how to manage stress and anxiety and importance of physical activity. 

Managing Millennials


This talk is designed to help participants understand the motivators and workplace preferences of this generation. Participants will understand the key drivers when it comes to managing millennials. Participants will also understand what makes millennials more productive, their top 10 motivators and how to engage with this unique workforce.

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