Suresh Dhawan


Stress Management Training Program

1 Day and 2 Day Programs
Conducted by a Certified Stress Management Consultant
Program Objectives​

Define their purpose in life with clarity in order to take control of life and its challenges.

Identify stressors and their sources, be it self-imposed or environmentally imposed.

Understand the dynamics of a stressful mind and the short and long-term consequences.

Create a personal profile through assessments of temperament, steadfastness, stress identity, stress susceptibility, stress behaviour, burnout and depression.

Manage stressors by applying the Anti S.O.B (Stress, Overload, Burnout) principles in the stress tracker.  

Successfully use mental reframing techniques to overcome stress caused by fear, worry and anxiety.

Identify and eliminate self-sabotage techniques subconsciously used during a stressful event.

Learn to identify the correct approach when dealing with ‘people stress’..

Program Content


How to understand stress


How to identify the stressors you can and cannot control


Tips on how to eliminate or minimize stressors


How to address stressful thoughts and behaviour

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